"If you're going to do something, do it well."


We perform a wide range of services related to the HFC network, usually starting our activities from the headend, going through the design stages, to the end-user servicing.

Design services:

  • HFC network design using LODEDATA, AUTOCAD, MSOFFICE
  • building permit design (cabinets, connectors, conduits and fittings)
  • 230 V electrical installation design for power supply
  • fiber and duct infrastructure sharing design (ROI)

Assembly, installation and maintenance services:

  • HAEDEND, OTN, HUB: ODF [building, construction, assembly] RF management and CMTS wiring
  • optical fiber network: building, extension and rebuilding of optical trunk lines,
    ON activation, V-HUB, FTTx building, HFC segmentation, maintenance and repair services
  • 230V installations for telecommunications devices
  • coax trunk lines: building, extension, activation, scheduled and emergency maintenance and repair services
  • feeder lines: building, extension, maintenance
  • end-user service
  • end-user connections